Why Hiring People with Disabilities
is a GOOD thing!

Meet our First Print Shop Training Graduates

Meet Fletcher, one of ACE's instructors.  He talks about how proud he was of all the graduates at the Awards Dinner.  

He worked with them when they first came into ACE.  He describes them as mostly, shy, introverted, into themselves.  But tonight to see them now up on stage, full of confidence and hope, accepting an award.  He admits It brought a tear.`

Tonight, reminds us why we do what we do.

(Thank you Fletcher for all the good works you do for them.)

ACE Recognizes Business Partners & Successful Employees in Award Dinner Honoring Both!

January 27, 2016

Hiring People With Disabilities Isn’t Just the Right Thing to Do
—It’s Good for YOUR Business.  

​     According to the Daily Beast article dated 10/27/2014, a
 new study reveals that hiring people disabilities doesn’t just improve culture—it improves the bottom line.

     The study was conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, a company that analyzes the practices of high-performance organizations. Among some of the striking findings are just how many employers believe that their employees with disabilities offer specific benefits to their workplaces.

      More than three-quarters of employers surveyed ranked their employees with disabilities as good or very good on work quality, motivation, engagement, integration with co-workers, dependability, and attendance. Many employers reported being initially leery of hiring people with disabilities, only to see their concerns dissolve after the employees were on board.

    The positive impact on the workforce of hiring individuals with disabilities is brought about in several important ways:

  1. Employers get a mostly untapped, new  pool of highly motivated people to choose from.
  2. Persons with disabilities make GREAT employees.  Survey after survey have found them to be reliable and dependable.  They get along with their co-workers.  They have a strong desire  to succeed in their jobs and  to advance in their careers. 
  3. Adding diversity into your work force builds morale, inspires innovation and is a source of pride many your customers will appreciate and encourages them to spend more to support your efforts.
  4. ​Retention rates among people with disabilities are higher than average thus reducing training, recruiting and turnover costs. 

Do you have a job or jobs that you would like to fill with motivated and appreciative employees?

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Inspiring Hope and Opportunity

Congratulations to Angelique Kirby for her award for securing employment in a January, 2016 ceremony honoring ACE's business partners

Thank you Mike Cinnoti at Cinnoti's Bakery for this awesome opportunity.  .

“More businesses should make the effort to find work for this group of  people, “says Mike Cinnoti, Owner at Cinnoti’s Bakery.  “I started with one hire.  Now, I have three.  I find they provide real value to my workplace and are appreciative for the opportunity.  I couldn’t ask for a better employee.”

These young people embraced the "Yes, I Can" attitude and have excelled in their training efforts.

The event also recognized individuals who had secured jobs with these employers.  Chirstopher Stockman with Newt’s Eatery, Paul Cason, Kris Walker, and Angelique Kirby with Cinnoti’s Bakery, David Millstone with Chartwells Dining Service, Julius Kennedy III with Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, Joel Kubicek with Digital Print and Media, and Travis Jungclaus and Dienaja Jones with ACE Mobile Bindery.

“Seeing the pride of accomplishment in the faces of these young people makes me remember why we are in the helping business,” says Ms. Katz.  “We have made a difference in these people’s life and what we have accomplished together is something we can be very proud of.”