Sherma Katz, Executive Director

Sherma Katz and Brenda Shepard founded the Agency for Community Empowerment (ACE) in 2009.  Under their guidance ACE has become one of the First Coast’s leading advocates and leader in working with people with disabilities.  

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ACE's PsychoSocial Rehabilation Instructors

ACE's PsychoSocial Rehabilation Instructors

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Brenda Shepard, Director of Finance

ACE is conveniently located, just off I-95 & University Blvd.

ACE's Employment Specialists

     The agency offers a wide range of person-centered mental health and life management services designed to foster independence and achievement for persons with disabilities.

     We believe that empowerment comes from the individual and their connection to others.

     ACE assists the individual (including professionals in training) to learn new skills and build relationships which motivates them to take steps to improve their lives, remove barriers from the care and education they need, and create a productive and accountable connection with their community. 

     Underlying this process is mutual respect, willing participation and a plan based on self-directed personal choices for change using evidence-based, culturally competent approaches that nurture one’s ability and desire to act in healthy empowered ways.

ACE's Professional Counseling Team 

A dream team of professionals

We have assembled an incredible team of dedicated professionals to assist you in reaching your greatest potential.