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5730 Bowden Rd,  Suite 206, Jacksonville, FL 32216
ACE is conveniently located on Jacksonsonville's Southside, off Bowden Road, near University Blvd S and I-95. Turn on Pepsi Place.  ​We are the first building on the right.

Kathy Hutto, Chartwells District 1 Dining Manager,  
​David Millstone, Award Winner; Vinetta Gaskins, Cafe Lead

We offer you everything you need to get and keep a job.  Our goal is to help you develop positive work attitudes, behaviors and skills, and assist you in removing the barriers you face from gaining employment. 

David Millstone, a food service worker, at Holiday Hill Elementary, was recently awarded the "Successful Employment Award" from the Agency for Community Empowerment (ACE), Inc.  "David has more than 15 years on the job," says Kathy Hutto, District 1 Dining Manager, "and we are so proud of him."  The award honors individuals with disabilities and their success on the job.

. . . and invite you to become one, too.

Your success is what we live for.  Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing you get better, achieve more and succeed.   Your story is unique.  Even if your path has been a struggle  your future is bright as you become more empowered and self reliant.


Why Choose ACE


At ACE, it's all about you!

We offer person-centered services and professional clinical training that fosters your ability to achieve maximum independence, self-advocacy, community integration and an enhanced quality of life.

Our comprehensive, holistic, community-based services are available to people with disabilities, their circle of support and other vulnerable populations.

We are the area's ONLY agency that offers you all the essential services you need under one roof.

  •  Our holistic-based, licensed counselors  assist you with managing any complex mental,  behavioral health and/or medication management issues.
  • Our Case Management services help guide you through the recovery process and connect you with community supports.
  • Our PsychoSocial Rehabilitation (PSR) services offer you opportunites to improve your life management  and work skills in a fun, interactive way.
  • Our Employment Service Specialists help you find gainful employment so you can become an active member of the community.

Find Your Success at ACE

Why Choose ACE

Passionately Serving the Needs of People with Disabilities in Northeast Florida since 2009

We have assembled an incredible team of mental health professionals whose goal is to help you reach your greatest potential. We can assist you with every step of the way towards you living at the highest level you are able and being the best you can be.

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5730 Bowden Road, Suite 206  Jacksonville, 32216